Learn How You Can Get Your First

(Or Next) Client... In Just 14 Days.

Get the course responsible for helping personal chefs book their first clients and generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

Not Knowing How To Get Consistent Clients Is The #1 Fear For Personal Chefs

If you don’t have consistent clients...
  • You’ll have next to no reputation
  • You’ll have next to no revenue
  • And eventually you’ll have no business
Having no business means needing to work for someone else. We want you to be your own boss. 14-Day Personal Chef has helped countless chefs quickly solve the issue of finding clients and eliminate that fear for good.

It will do the same for you too.

What You’ll Learn And Do In The 14 Days


Get structure, formulas & expectations. Clarify your "WHY" to maximize success.


Understand & ignite a fire to build brand longevity & confidently book clients.


Learn how to pick the right niche for YOU & attract high-quality clients.


Learn the key strategies for quickly finding high-quality clients to book.


Strategic partnership methods for organic growth and referral generation.


Learn the 6-step framework that generates 10s of thousands of dollars in sales.


Discover the essential no-fail approach to creating super fan clients.


Learn how to make successful calls to potential partners with confidence and authority.


3 additional ways to acquire clients and increase visibility to your services.


Maximize your success by knowing how often to follow up and exactly what to say.

Meet Your Coach

I am a Personal Chef. But more than that, I’m a Chefpreneur, Providing that world-class experience of food and service in the comfort of people’s homes with a real business is what I’ve done over over the last 6 years and I love it.

Since then I’ve built my Personal Chef business, Dinner with A Chef into a company that generates over $300k a year in revenue has multiple other Chefs working with and for me, and we bring home over 90% of the profit all thanks to the methods I discovered and now teach.

I still run my business today alongside building the most effective and proven online courses for Passionate Cooks that want to be their own boss and have their own business that gets clients FAST.


For just $197, you get lifetime access to our 14-day course and all materials.


Our 14-day course and materials gives you a simple plan to find and book clients easily and consistently.


With a process that’s proven to work specifically for finding and booking clients, you’ll never have to fear so you can confidently build your business.

LISten to what
our students
have to say


it's time to connect with passionate cooks who understand and inspire each other

Doing everything you can to find and keep clients as a personal chef? You're not alone. The 14-Day Personal Chef exists to help chefs eliminate the fear of having enough clients.

With this course, you’ll get the resources and knowledge you need to set yourself up for a steady stream of clients. We created a simple plan that is easy to implement and proven to work in just 14 days, so you can focus on delighting your clients, not finding them. This course will be your go-to resource to help you get more of what’s most important to your business.

Your membership gives you access to:

  • 14-Day Personal Chef Course
  • Pre-recorded Live Q&As
  • Step-by-Step Digital Workbook
  • Private Community Access
+BONUS Pricing Workshop : We answer the #1 question personal chefs have so you can have clarity and confidence in pricing your services for maximum profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you're still wondering if this is for you, it is, if

  • You’re serious about not only getting clients but providing world-class experience with not only your lead but also your service.
  • You understand you need to watch each training day in order - you will not receive and understand this very powerful process for quickly getting clients if you think you can skip around.
  • You’re willing to put in some work- this training only works when you do. If you plan to invest and get to it whenever you get to it or only try part of it. Netflix is a better place to procrastinate.

Who Is This not For...

  • Anyone who thinks they can get the best results by skipping to what they think is important without first building and understanding the foundations necessary from each lesson. (It will only end in frustration and a high probability of failure.)
  • You are looking for a comprehensive training on creating a complete business, covering accounting, billing, taxes, service policies, online advertising, creating a website, etc... 14-Day Personal Chef strictly helps you get clients fast. The Chefpreneur Masterclass covers everything above and more for building a successful Personal Chef business.
  • You do not care about speed. This program is developed for passionate cooks that want to get clients in the shortest amount of time possible. I would say there is a better training out there for those of you who have time to spare and no real need to move quickly but no one is teaching this.